Jan Jyoti Foundation is a non – government and non-profit organisation committed for sustainable community development progrmmes through participatory and applied research. It has its headquarters at Delhi, and is primarily concerned with the overall social, economic, environment, health, gender and cultural development of the disadvantaged people at the grass roots level as part of the poverty alleviation programme and gender empowerment. It was established in the year 2008 with the initiative of a small group of young social persons and social workers dedicated for the betterment of the people

Our Programmes

Education Programme
Education, as well all know, is a powerful catalyst to socio-economic change and is the quickest way to make a productive break through. India has out of school children outnumber those who go to school.

Health Programme
Jan Jyoti Foundation is working towards ensuring timely, effective and near-the-patient healthcare services to the community. The project seeks to tap available recourses to avail to the community to prevent and reduce the incidence of diseases.

Environment Programme
One of Jan Jyoti Foundation activity is to raise the environment awareness level of the entire Society, through campaigns on environmental practice. In order to motivate the villagers to protect the environment.



Jan Jyoti Foundation